Earth Overshoot Day

‘Earth Overshoot Day’ project commissioned by Rajapack packaging and video produced by Greenlight, 2017.

The title refers to an international campaign to highlight current consumption levels of the earth’s resources; by August 2017 we will have exceeded the earth’s capacity to sustain demand for resources. The earth needs to be 1.7 times its current size to support demand for resources as depicted by the two globes/spheres; one representing the earth as it is now and the outer globe representing the projected size of the earth needed to sustain increased demand.

As seen in the video, the surface of the larger sphere contains an urban/industrial landscape which increases in size and density from the bottom of the sphere to the top. The base/ground level of the buildings includes footprints that increase in density as the buildings increase in number.

The finished sculpture is reminiscent of a natural form/organic form, with connotations of plant or animal cell structures or fruit/seed pods.