Ikea – Commission to celebrate store opening in Exeter, May 2018

A large scale cardboard installation across two sites in Exeter as part of new  Ikea celebrations in Exeter.

Exeter Central Library – one bookcase, lamp and armchair. All furniture was based in Ikea models/design. The sculptures were designed to be interacted with and weight bearing; people could sit on the chair and use the bookcase.

Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre – one armchair and coffee table made as replicas of existing Ikea furniture. These were designed to be used by members of the public. On the wall is a cardboard plaque with cardboard detailing using different techniques of modelling and manipulating cardboard.

Phoenix Arts Centre 2
Installation at Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter 1

Miniature Ikea Furniture – these were small scale (A4) versions of the installation, that were created for the Ikea head office.

Miniature version