Barnstable Library Reading Tree, 2022

Size: 500cm x 300cm x 300cm

The old GAP store was turned into a Pop-up library with @libarariesunlimited and an art studio for 4 weeks to make a 5m Oak tree for Barnstable library. The public were invited to come along and join in with leaf making and see the tree being made. Some of my sculptures were also on display in the space.

This sculpture is an evolving tree that will change its appearance through the seasons, starting with Autumn leaves then changing to Spring green later in the year. Made with its community and school workshop paper leaves, the detachable handmade recycled fence wire branches, to the book-spine inspired tree trunk, this tree feels unique and has a strong identity. Visitors to the library can enjoy the new seating area under the tree with a book!

Many thanks to the participants of the leaf painting workshops in Barnstaple Library during February half term. The team at Barnstaple Library did an excellent job swapping the leaves over in time for the clocks leaping forward into Springtime.

A special mention to the students from Exeter University Drama department who came in to work with me.