Effects of Lockdown, 2020

Size: 45x45x170cm

I began creating this life size cardboard sculpture during the UK’s first national lockdown in early 2020, in response to the impact of the virus on the younger generation… particularly how I saw it affecting my 16-year-old son. The work references the Covid-19 pandemic, technological coping strategies, climate changes, lung health and exam results. The sculpture stands on top of a ‘yellow brick road,’ which I take to mean a course of action that a person takes believing it will lead to good things.

Whilst creating this sculpture, Shape Arts in London nominated me for the Henry Moore Foundation Artist Award Scheme, and I received a monetary grant helping me to complete this work.

 “It is wonderful to see this work ‘Effects of Lockdown’ by James Lake. When Coronavirus threatened, the Henry Moore Foundation realised that finding ways to directly support artists and their practice would be important. It is hugely gratifying that this work was in some part made possible by the Foundation’s award and at the same time, that it talks so directly and powerfully about the wider impact of the pandemic”. Godfrey Worsdale, Director, Henry Moore Foundation

‘Effects of the Lockdown’

A new 360 degree stop frame animation of the cardboard sculpture ‘Effects of the Lockdown’ showing the external and interior details. The viewer can get a sense of the structure and multiple perspectives of the many layers and details.

Animation Credit: Abbie Barton at Tazma Studios in Exeter